At Synergy Motorsports core is the desire to develop young driving talent.

Our driver development programme is structured to educate young drivers about a broad range of skills required to become a professional racing driver.

Formula For dis considered to be the best first step for young car drivers as it the nature of the car provides invaluable experience to enhance driving skills.

Our driver development programme is broken into three categories.

Car setup and race preparation

An understanding of car setup and preparation is important to educate young drivers as it provides them with the knowledge of how a car works and how setup changes effect the car on track.

This understanding allows a driver to work at a much deeper level with their race engineer which results in more constructive car setup and performance.

We invite drivers to participate in car setup and race preparation sessions to gain first-hand knowledge of the car they are racing and to learn from the experience of the mechanic and engineer that they will be working from.

This valuable time between driver and Synergy staff lays the foundation for understanding of how a car works and what is required to prepare a car for racing.

Driver coaching

Synergy analyses the racing history of drivers and develops a personalised plan with drivers that takes into consideration their strengths and weaknesses.

This customised plan works on improving performance. Sometimes performance may not be immediate but sights are set on long term results and without the core fundamentals in place this cannot be achieved.

A Synergy race engineer will work closely with drivers with off track training sessions as well as one ot one driver coaching when at the track.

As all Synergy Formula Ford cars are data logging enabled, race engineers work with drivers to analyse their data and also teach drivers how to interpret data. This data is invaluable in assisting in achieving personal driving goals.

We encourage all drivers to work as a team and share data to help each other to improve their performance.

At the end of every on track session the team has a debriefing session to compare notes and develop goals for the next session.

Our approach teaches the value of working as a team and in doing so provides an enjoyable environment to be part of.

Becoming a complete racing driver

It is more than just the driving that makes a professional motor racing driver.

Synergy strives to help educate drivers in the off track aspects of being a professional motor racing driver.

These areas include marketing and fitness.

Synergy provides drivers with access to marketing and fitness professionals that can develop and assist driver’s one on one.

Synergy also assists drivers and parents on planning motor racing careers to make choices that are best for developing a racing career.

What the package includes

– Car leasing (state or national series)
– Car preparation and setup
– Car maintenance and repairs
– At track support services
– Off track training sessions
– Access to a driver coach
– Car transport
– At track catering
– Marketing and fitness advice and support

To find out more about our driver development programme contact the team at Synergy Motorsport.